CSR & Sustainability

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Sustainability is the value in thevaluecircle. We believe that by carefully harnessing our resources we can create impact beyond commercial success. We bring value to our clients, to the communities they serve, and value to our people too.

Terra Carta

We were among the first companies in the UK to sign up to the Terra Carta principles alongside global businesses and leaders including Unilever, Astra Zeneca and Sir Jonny Ive’s LoveFrom.

We’ve spent time considering our response and what we can do to address sustainability. If all SMEs changed just a few small things, the cumulative impact could be immense. That’s why we’ve set out how we developed our plan to respond to the Terra Carta principles here. We’re no sustainability experts, but we’re pleased to freely share the methodology we applied to help us develop a practical plan for our business. You can read our own plan here.

Meaning earth charter, the initiative is intended to create a global ‘coalition of the willing’ who share the vision around the need to accelerate global progress towards a sustainable future.

It was launched by HRH The Prince of Wales on 11 January 2021 at the One Planet Summit in France.

Support for good causes

We choose to invest in sponsorship of education and sports and look for opportunities to support smaller groups and charities.

We sponsor a local youth football team, the Monk Fryston and Hillam Stags, which has more than 160 children involved. We made a donation towards the construction of a 140-seater auditorium at the friendly and community-focused Selwyn College in Cambridge, where our managing partner studied.

We have also donated money to support a student at Premedical School, a training provider which helps young people decide whether medicine is the right career for them. We have stipulated the money should be used to support a young person from a disadvantaged background without people in medicine in their family.

David in his football coaching role.
Cheer England

Pro bono

It's important to us that we use our skills to support organisations which couldn’t otherwise afford them. An example of our recent pro bono work is developing governance structures for Cheer England to support them to become the national governing body for cheerleading in England.


All of the thevaluecircle team are encouraged to volunteer with groups and causes that mean the most to them.

Chief Executive David is a football coach, and Wilson volunteers as a trustee and on the advisory board of a couple of charities.