Galvanising organisations

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If you don’t know where
you’re going, how will you
know when you get there?

Strategy is at the heart of great organisations. 

Done well, it’s the clear roadmap your organisation needs to deliver. When it misses the mark, strategy can become the speed bumps, potholes, and dead ends that make the journey testing – and mean you might never reach your destination.

Birmingham University

Royal Free and North Middlesex Hospital Trusts

When North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust wanted to formalise their partnership arrangements, they turned to us to help distill the needs of key stakeholders. We engaged with senior executives from each trust to understand their context and strategic intentions, and identify any local challenges.

We then created a governance model and partnership agreement tailored to the strategic direction of the Trusts. This was signed off as part of the broader London collaboration between providers, and in line with developing national guidance on integration.

North Middlesex University Hospital

“thevaluecircle's ability to assimilate multiple views and competing priorities into an impactful, short and relevant partnership framework allowed us to quickly secure support from everyone involved. This created clarity and a solid foundation for our long term strategy together.”

Andy Heaps, interim Chief Executive, North Middlesex University Hospital