Engineering governance

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Many see governance as just something that’s necessary to keep you safe and manage risk.

But we know it’s also a critical enabler of organisational success. We focus on the two aspects of governance – Mechanics & Dynamics™, which consider both the structural elements – the mechanics – and the people and human factors – the dynamics.

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Focusing on only mechanics or dynamics constricts progress and creates limitations.

Getting both right is like finding a new gear in a perfectly tuned engine – it makes everything happen faster and easier. Whether you need a review of clinical governance, an analysis of risk, or a partner in environmental, social and governance (ESG), we can give you the independent, rounded view you need.

Primary Care Doncaster

When Primary Care Doncaster (PCD) needed a rapid governance review, thevaluecircle was their consultancy of choice. The review needed to provide insight and recommendations for next steps to improve PCD’s governance framework.

Using interviews with the senior leadership team, we developed a thematic analysis and subsequent recommendations to ensure PCD modernised governance and met expected regulatory levels in a report described by Chief Executive Laura Sherburn as:

“…succinct, constructive, supportive, and challenging, and for me, hits the nail right on the head."

Primary Care Doncaster

“TVC immediately understood what we needed, and rapidly turned around a well-balanced, comprehensive, clear report which had the right blend of recognition and recommendation. They operated unobtrusively and sensitively, delivering their promise to consider the dynamics as well as the mechanics of governance.”

Laura Sherburn
Chief Executive, Primary Care Doncaster

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