Five added to thevaluecircle team as growth continues at pace

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There are five new faces at thevaluecircle as we continue to grow our high-quality team to support clients.

The new recruits are one senior consultant and four business analysts, who all join our core team working for clients from Cornwall to Cumbria.

Chief executive David Cockayne said: “We’ve been delighted to secure such talent from our latest round of recruitment.

“Continuing to invest in our core team, especially in the business analyst roles, means we’re developing a group of people who we will support to grow with the business.

“As demand for our services grows at an accelerating rate, it’s exciting to support that growth with people who can help us continue to provide a high-quality service.

“Adding four business analysts and confirming two senior consultants – including one move from working as an associate to joining the core team – has really bolstered the team, putting us in prime position for the rest of 2022.”

Madeleine Turner joined as a business analyst a few months ago and is already independently supporting a wide range of projects.

Bushra Ahmed joins as senior consultant following a career in the pharmaceutical industry, primary care and disease medicine.

The three new business analysts – Deri Olaleru, Connor Ambler, and Chris Berry – are relatively early in their careers, each with some experience in other organisations, but all add new perspectives to the team.

And in a final move to strengthen the core team, former NHS chief executive Wendy Saviour has agreed to become a senior consultant, moving from the previous associate arrangement to a permanent role.


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