Embracing Equity- tvc to sponsor Yorkshire Sustainability Week 2023

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thevaluecircle is proud to announce we have joined forces with #YSW23 as Embrace Equity sponsors.

Yorkshire Sustainability Week is designed to strengthen, inspire and expand the sustainable business community across the region. Events will take place across Yorkshire in July to show how business leaders can drive the change we need to see in the sustainability sector.

thevaluecircle are passionate about sustainability as early adopters of the Terra Carta principles – the principles founded by King Charles III as part of his Global Sustainability Initiative. Alongside this, thevaluecircle have always shown a commitment to equality through leadership and development programmes. thevaluecircle believes in the power of supporting women in leadership roles to foster diverse perspectives, enrich decision-making processes, and ensure the representation of diverse communities for the people we serve.

In particular, thevaluecircle is committed to empowering women in leadership roles within the National Health Service (NHS). Recognising the immense talent and expertise that women bring to the table, we believe diverse leadership teams in the NHS will foster innovation, improve decision-making, and drive positive change. thevaluecircle aims to create a nurturing environment that enables women to thrive and make significant contributions to the healthcare sector.

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