Christmas promotions for the tvc team

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With the integration of the Project Rome business well underway and already accelerating our offer to clients, thevaluecircle are making a number of changes to support growth.

Firstly we are delighted to announce Will Crookes is promoted to Senior Consultant – Will is a core member of our healthcare team and highly respected by clients for his insight, aptitude and integrity. In his third year with the tvc business, this promotion is both recognition of Will’s progression but also that of the wider business growth.

Will commented: ‘I’m delighted to continue working alongside our tvc team who have all supported my personal development over the last few years, and also with our valued clients delivering on exciting programmes of work and insight in 2024.’

Aligning our operational teams Mark Saunders will take on an additional role managing our day to day running – alongside project delivery. tvc will further benefit from his experience in running scaled teams nationwide.

Finally, the Board of tvc has made a change in David Cockayne’s role – moving to Chief Executive Officer – again recognising the growth, span and intent of the new combined businesses. All these changes will take effect during December.

CEO David Cockayne said: ‘This is richly deserved by Will and I’m so proud that our talent development programmes are working to enable the very best to join tvc and grow quickly. I can’t wait see what Will and tvc achieve in 2024.’

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  1. What an amazing year this has been ! Well deserved promotions ! Congratulations !! And hers to 2024 – onwards and upwards

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